Thursday, March 13, 2014

Roatan Month 19 Roundup

19 months abroad!

This is a really weird roundup for me, because I have a ticket back to Canada in three weeks and I still haven't decided if I'm going to cancel it or not. I always have a return ticket every time I enter Honduras, and I usually just push it back or cancel it. For some reason I kept this one open from last summer... I haven't made a decision yet, but I need to in the next week or so. So enjoy this Roatan roundup, as it may be the last!

I want to send you over to read the always-lovely Alex's recent blogging FAQ, not just because she gave me an awesome shout-out in it which is super flattering because she's my blogging idol, but because it's a really worthwhile read for everyone who blogs, especially those of you just starting out in the blogging world. She also answers a lot of questions readers ask me. Wow, how many times can I use the word 'blog' in one paragraph?

Did you see me over at Women Who Live on Rocks with my story about Adventures in Island Banking?

Let's get to the roundup!

You can always see all my monthly roundups by clicking on the 'roundup' tag below... but here they all are in order: Month 18Month 17Month 16Month 15Month 14,Month 13Month 12Month 11Month 10Month 9Month 8Month 7Month 6,Month 5Month 4Month 3Month 2 and finally little old Month 1. Sometimes when you type 'month' that many times it looks really weird.

1. Gratuitous Diving Photo:


2. Posts from the last month:

Mostly about rent and food. Such is my life.
A lot of informational posts this month, it seems.

3. Coolest thing I've found on the internet this month:

I guess most of you have probably heard of Dinovember already, but I just found it and I love it. These parents are winning. They convince their little kids that during the month of November, their plastic dinosaurs come alive at night while the kids are sleeping and get into all sorts of capers. In my books, this is WAY better than telling your kids from fat stranger comes down your chimney once a year and then flies away in a magic sleigh after leaving you a MacBook if you're good. Anyway, kids aren't for me, but the next time I get a roommate we are so doing this.

Well, we will see where my month 20 roundup comes to you from in a month... Roatan or elsewhere!

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  1. You have to admit that time flies! 19 months? Incredible. Happy anniversary. I'm glad you have been enjoying your travels, work and blogging and hope you can make another 19 months here! It's been nearly 31 months since I've moved to China, 4 more and I'm done! Going home in early July :)!!!

  2. Karyn @ Not Done TravellingMarch 14, 2014 1:08 AM

    Looking forward to hearing where you might end up next month! Out of curiosity, does Honduras have restrictions on needing a return ticket when you enter the country? I am wanting to relocate to Thailand but apparently even if you have a visa you need to show how you are leaving the country when you enter it. (I've been told this is a recent thing - I used to live there and this was never a requirement then). I considered just postponing flights but was worried about fees for rebooking. Do you find it costs you a lot to postpone the flights like this?

  3. When I first moved to Honduras had a year open return ticket. and declared I'd be backpacking in the area. In the end I didn't use it, but felt good to have some open door just in case I didn't like the place.

  4. You might be in Canada???? Can we meet up this summer and play? Rum at the lake? Sending you all my best. Hugs xo

  5. Ha I have to agree about dinovember- much better than Santa Clause! Clearly a man cannot fly around the world leaving presents for every child (or the richer ones anyway..) in one night. But I actually could almost believe that toy dinosaurs could come alive!

  6. I hope they keep it up even after the kids figure it out. What great parents - they must be having a blast with it too!

  7. Maybe, and if so, definitely rum at the lake!! xoxo

  8. Hi Karyn - yeah, it's annoying and hard to say for sure. You never know when a border agent is going to decide you need to provide proof of onward passage... they ask me all the time cause I have a million Honduras entry and exits on my passport. For me, the roundtrip plane tickets are only $100ish more than a one-way ticket, so I usually just cancel the return flight and eat the cost. This time the return ticket was $500 cheaper, and it only costs me $150 to change it, so it was worth getting a return ticket.

    Lots of people just buy a cheap bus ticket out of the country dated a month after their entry and then cancel it once they get in. I've also heard of people buying a flight out, and printing it out right before the payment processing page as proof of an onward flight....but that seems sketchy to me, if they really wanted they could check and see you weren't listed on the flight register. Anyway. There are some options!

  9. It's been going really fast lately!! Thanks for the well wishes :) Can't believe you're going home so soon... eat one million pierogi for me when you get back! xo

  10. Congrats on 19 months abroad! Dinovember is such an awesome idea!! Look forward to seeing if you do decide to go back home or not! Every time I live abroad, Canada just seems like such a distant memory haha!

  11. Thanks Michelle! I love Dinovember too. Keep following along to see where I end up - right now I still have no idea :)

  12. Jess | A Passion and A PassporMarch 24, 2014 12:44 PM

    Wow Rika you're thinking of leaving?! Definitely didn't expect that! I'll be following along to see where life takes you! All good things! Keep diving- your photos are awesome! :) and OMG those dinosaurs- I can't!

  13. HAHAH, I've heard of traditions like dinovember but that pic is just too cool! 19 months is a big accomplishment, congrats! Can't wait to read more!

  14.'s been on my mind for months. I just sort of feel like I've already done everything I came here to do (become a dive instructor, teach diving, live at the beach, drink all the rum) and I'm not really happy with my current position. I might just need a job change, but that is tricky here, so we'll see. Stay tuned :)

  15. Thanks Shaun! I totally love Dinovember too. I hope those kids grow up and realize how badass their parents were.

  16. Just found your blog today! Nice work. I'm enjoying reading through some of your posts. I had no idea about Dinovember but I think it's my new favorite thing of the week. I love it!