Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roatan Review: Deliciosa Creamery

Welcome to the latest in my Roatan Review series!

This time I'm facing my post-traumatic stress disorder from my stint at a gelato shop to help save for my move to Roatan (that's how much I like the owner of this shop...and ice cream).

Deliciosa Creamery

entrance and front porch

It should go without saying that every tropical destination needs an ice cream shop. West End in Roatan was sorely lacking in this department. Last year we all cheered when Sophie's Ice Cream Shop opened, only to close a few months later (the story of so many shops and restaurants here). So we waited, and sweated, and waited, and sweated, and finally Sam and Luis decided to help us all out and open a damn ice cream shop.

sam & luis

This is a brand new business on Roatan, owned by Sam and Luis and another partner. Not only is it an ice cream shop, it happens to now house my favorite laundry place so I can get clean underwear AND ice cream IN THE SAME PLACE. Best combo ever. This location is perfect too, right on the beach and near the center of the village (it's right beside the Baptist church in Half Moon Bay - used to be Didilly's Gift Shop). Sam has done a great job turning it into an ice cream parlor! It's clean and fresh with a cute interior that will only get better with the addition of display photos from famous Roatan photographer Shawn Jackson

a customer enjoying the view off the back porch with her ice cream cone in a hammock 
When I was first here, they had just opened, so there it a lot more coming than what you see in the photos. There is wifi, a clean and working bathroom (this is not standard on the island), hammocks to relax in on the beach patio behind the shop, parking and my personal favorite: frequent buyer cards. I'm pretty sure I used mine up in the first week. They also offer free calls to the States for their customers so you can let your mom know you haven't died of alcohol poisoning yet or to wish your grandma a happy birthday while you're here.

Let's talk about the goods!!

Sarita is the big brand of Central American ice cream here on Roatan and this is what Sam serves. It's simple - cup or cone, choose 1-3 scoops, get some sprinkles if you want some, and away you go to the beach. I have to admit that I turned into a bit of a gelato and ice cream snob after working at the gelateria that won the award for best gelato in the world, but I like the ice cream here - it's ice cream. It's basic, it's not pretentious, it's cold and cheap and those two things on this island are worth a million bucks in my books. 

Sam has a variety of flavors that change every once in awhile. They're all listed on the front of the freezers. There are basics like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, and interesting ones like rum raisin, dulce de leche (caramel) and pistachio (I usually put those last two together in a cone and I'm a happy camper).

But there's not just ice cream...Sam also whips up smoothies (no ice, just frozen fruit - which is awesome, I hate ice in smoothies), cookies, brownies, banana splits, hot or iced affogatos (again with the PTSD from the gelateria on this one), milkshakes, hot or iced coffee, brownie sundaes and more. All of this at really affordable prices! There's pretty much nothing over 80 lempira (about $4 US) on the menu. West End is known for expensive 'gringo prices' on everything, but Sam has kept Deliciosa serving up sweet treats at prices locals can afford.

brownie sundae

I'm really looking forward to watching this shop grow (and me growing along with it, if I keep up this pace with the ice cream treats) because everyone thought it was ridiculous that a beach town didn't have an ice cream parlor. Plus it's a huge bonus that I can get my laundry done at great prices too. Deliciosa fits the bill, and I hope to keep eating brownie sundaes for a very long time here! If you are in West End, make sure to stop in and cool off with a cone, you'll be glad you did.

the back porch leading out to the beach

What you need to know:

  • contact info: they just got on Facebook or you can call 9812-2416
  • hours of operation: 11am to 9pm every day! Perfect for dessert or a day at the beach.
  • check out their TripAdvisor page
  • they have parking right in front by the church, but it's best for motos as it's a little tight.
  • make sure to tell them Rika sent you!

Rika's Rating: LOVE it! Go! Get a triple :)

Disclaimer: I bought my ice cream cone during this visit (and many, many others on other visits - haha!) but Sam generously provided the brownie sundae so that I could try it and get that super cute pic of it. Thanks, Deliciosa!

Guys, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter ... there's lots of extras posted there that don't make it onto the blog. (I also have Google+ if anyone even uses that?) Plus it makes me try to exercise a tiny bit of self-control and not eat all the ice cream in those freezers. So there's that.



  2. Hi Rika, I apologise as I just accidentally posted a comment that was just my blog address. I didn't mean to post my blog address at all. Not sure what happened. Unbelievably, that's the second time this week I have completely messed up a comment where I'm not familiar with the comment system..agh! Anyway, I was planning to say that getting an ice cream whilst you do your laundry sounds pretty awesome- there should be more places like that! :-)

  3. Mmm that looks so good! :) I love finding a good ice cream place! My fav is frozen yogurt which is everywhere back home, but they've only been recently gaining popularity in Germany…so it's been fun discovering new places that have them every now and then

  4. That's the place I would like to visit if I was there!! I'm not a big fan of ice-cream, but peanuts and other desserts sound yummy!

  5. Amen! They're they best! The pistachio is sooooooo good, and definitely the most fun colour :)

  6. Haha - no worries! Commenting systems can be tricky...everyone's is a little bit different! Ice cream while waiting for clean clothes is a winning combo for me.

  7. I am totally trying to get Sam to try to get some frozen yogurt! I love it!

  8. I never eat it back in Canada, but I guess because it's so hot here as soon as I see it I want some :)

  9. I can't believe you all had to suffer through the bleak wasteland that is life without a nearby ice cream shop! This place looks adorable - and yummy.

  10. I know, life in paradise was just terrible .... :) I'm happy we have an ice cream shop now though!