Sunday, April 12, 2015

Roatan Month 28-32 Roundup

Poor, poor little roundups. Totally neglected the last 5 months! I actually haven't been posting much, as many of you have noticed, so you guys didn't miss out on much. Anyway, let's get a coffee and catch up, shall we?

1. Gratuitous diving ocean photo:

This is the same as month 27. I have no more diving photos! I stopped working as a dive instructor around the same time (by choice, for all of you who have been asking), so I guess this isn't very surprising. I am still trying to keep it ocean-themed at least... so here is a photo of me in the water in South Beach, Miami a few months ago - which is a hint for an upcoming post:

2. Posts from the last 5 months:

That's all I managed to get out in the last 5 months. Sorry dudes.

3. Best thing I've found on the internet:

Is it weird that I want a Jibo like RIGHT NOW? I would love a little robot pet who can order takeout for me. Sold.

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  1. Um, how have I not heard of a Jibo??? It orders takeout! It could have a major creep factor though :)

  2. Oh my god, the future is here.

  3. Right!? Still, super excited. I've been waiting for one of these since watching Rosie on The Jetsons when I was a kid. Now if I could just get one of these to do the dishes....

  4. I know, I can't help but think - where is all that data going? And recording and sending to who knows where. Crazy but he is soooo cute :)